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  •      shuohuaji1.gifShareworth Technologies & Engineering Co. Ltd.,Beijing specialized in master plan and project contract inthe field of artificial snowmaking system for ski resort.There are more than forty personnel, in which more than 80% are project managers and technicians.

            As the pioneer in the construction of snowmaking system for ski resort, by experiences of dozens of years, Shareworth can provide perfect service for customers. Its service  scope including the designation and construction of snowmaking system, market investigation, master planning, project forming, investment assessment, project design, purchasing, construction, training & maintenance.



     More than thirty ski resorts have received our service until now. Our achievements including Wanlong Ski Resort in Zhangjiakou, Changchengling Ski Resort, Dolomiti Ski Resort, Yabuli Windmill Village Ski Resort, Harbin Institute of Physical Education Ski Resort, Beida lake skiing site in Jilin, Fengguanshan Ski Resort in Yakeshi, Silk Road Ski Resort in Xinjiang, Xiling Ski Resort in Chengdu, Qipanshan Ski Resort in Shenyang, National Stadium Ski Resort and Ulaanbaatar Ski Resort in Mongolia. The rate of contract implementation is 100%!. We award the reputation from customs because of our creative spirit, excellent technology, abundant experience and a good after-service system.



              For many years, Shareworth have been guided by the spirit of “customers’ interests first, then ours”. We'd like to create our beautiful future with the cooperation with friends from all walks of life.